Pargueland Playlist #28: Mark Tester (Moon Glyph / US)

Pargueland Playlist #28: Mark Tester (Moon Glyph / US)

En mi selección he intentado recopilar canciones que capturan esa sensación de pasar del verano al otoño. Ritmos esporádicos y gentiles, jams pacientes para refrescar el clima general. La playlist empieza algo arriba, luego se calma y pasa a ser más profunda. He incluído muchas gemas del medio oeste norteamericano, canciones que han sido una gran inspiración para mi. Espero las disfrutéis !

Tried to put together a mix that captures the comedown from Summer into Fall. Sporadic rhythms and gentle, patient zoners for the cooling of the general weather. Starts pretty up, gets laid back then goes a bit deeper. Lots of modern Midwestern gems mixed in with timeless, big time inspirations and other personally captivating sounds. Hope you enjoy!


01. Moebius - Contra Mio
02. Broadcast - Microtronics 4
03. Asa Tone - Inexplicable Notion (Location Specific)
04. Lee Lloyd - BOUNCE4L
05. Jon Hassell - Empire I
06. The Focus Group - Rendering the Forests
07. CredoZone - Pathetic Existence
08. Cicada National Park - Mr. N (3 AM)
09. Omni Gardens - Drawing a Rainbow
10. Hidin Music - Cruise Ship Express
11. Flanger Magazine - Every Wind
12. Roedelius - Mein Freund Farouk
13. Landon Caldwell & Nick Yeck-Stauffer - Unity in Isolation
14. The KLF - Madrugada Eterna
15. INOYAMALAND - Wasser
16. Pauline Anna Strom - Morning Splendor
17. Alice Coltrane - Excerpts from the Firebird
18. Delia Derbyshire - Air

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