Brin & Josiah Steinbrick - Bliss Place (Full Bloom, 2021)

Brin & Josiah Steinbrick - Bliss Place (Full Bloom, 2021)

Whilst the majority of contemporary electronic music produced this year has made the enduring legacy of the composers like John Hassell (RIP), Terry Riley and Philip Glass more apparent than ever, we should by no means write this off as a trend. A stand out in the field is the new collaboration from Los Angeles multi-instrumentalist Josiah Steinbrick and sound sculptor Colin Blanton (AKA Brin).

The tracks on Bliss Palace seem to have come from the blurry edges of the subconscious. Both composers take sounds born in the mists of some unexplored planet and transform them into a gentle wave that carries us forward on an extraordinary journey.

In this, his second collaborative project of the year, Steinbrick steps away from the world of trailblazing comfort jazz explored in his previous project with Sam Gendel. Together, he and Brin go somewhere stranger, submerging their compositions in an infusion of warmth, creating a sense of freedom that is almost subaquatic.

Bliss Palace is a steam room, a place full of songs that are loose and mobile, with nothing for the ear to hold on to. Like a flickering streetlight waiting for re-wiring, this shifting canvas of sound offers itself as a backdrop for those afternoons when the world behind our eyes is bright with wonder and we explore the depths of cosmos without leaving the sofa.

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